Sad Truths

❛❛Being in a place where no one believes, or even bothers about psychology and mental health, makes life almost a living cage, a vacuum where even you sometimes cannot hear your voice. The only psychology understood here is that there are sane people, who work, look for jobs, have sex and children, hustle and toil, […]

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Fluid Intelligence

Toa HeftibaFluid intelligence is the ability to think abstractly, intuit information, recognize patterns and evaluate problems by piecing together information that isn’t necessarily formally taught, but imagined and generated from one’s own experiences and understanding. The idea was first developed by Raymond Cattell and John Horn in the 1970s. Fluid intelligence is the opposite of crystallized… […]

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HSP_Highly Sensitive Person

    Is Sensitive a word that you would highly use to describe yourself or people often use to describe you? Have you ever felt like you feel things a little too deeply? Yes? Same here. Well guess what? You might just be an HSP(Highly Sensitive Person).  We live in an age where being different […]

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Body Image

I could hate how flabby my upper arms seem and forget that these same arms feed me, bathe me and pretty much do most of the tasks required of me. I could hate the color of my skin and forget that I am the color of Earth. I could look down on my nose for […]

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To Be Present…

I have a mild disposition of character; even my peculiarities are toned down but I happen to have a super violent mind. From having the most random thoughts to weird monologues that result from thinking out loud. And I wish I could say that they occur occasionally but it’s almost always. My mind is always […]

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Modern Dating

ANDRIK LANGFIELD PETRIDES / UnsplashWhen I was a little girl, my Grandad would walk me home in the winter, when the sun disappeared at 4 p.m. and snow would cover the ground, and every time, he would tell me the same story of how he used to walk an hour from the neighbouring town to… via […]

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Make It Lovely

Still grappling with the truth that this is my life and I should live it in accordance with what I know and believe is best for me. I sometimes still question, panic and rack my mind over what people think or say about me. It’s hard to free myself from the shackles of people pleasing […]

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