Mental Health Over Every Damn Thing!!

How many people are suffering in silence due to Ignorance and Apathy? How many lives do we have to lose to Suicide for us to do something about it? What will it take for us to pay attention? Who is to blame for the mess that we have made? Society? Government? God? or Ourselves? As [...]


Loosing Yourself in a Relationship?

Could a person loose themselves in a relationship and not realize it? I was hit by a thought, what if sometimes relationships don't work because in the process of wanting to make it work we put in too much of ourselves that we miss the point. Like, you put in so much of yourself into [...]

Depression- On a Need to Know Basis.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog: Now, let me begin with a few facts and acknowledgements. I know you mean well. I know that you want me to feel better and that you can see I’m in pain. I know depression is complicated and messy and dark. I know it’s hard to know how to help [...]

My Weird Side-Introvert Chronicles

As a child, I wasn't queer but I wasn't normal either. I never quite fit in. I always had this silent curiosity and my mind processed things faster at tender ages. I had a really great memory too. Like I used to remember so many things. Still do.[Blessing & Curse] I was into books with [...]

Let’s Talk; Mental Health

Mental Health... A topic that few talk about, many are ignorant about and most look over. I never knew what Mental Health was or if there was something like that. It is through a close person of mine and reading that this topic became of importance to me. I do not know everything because it [...]

First Love- First Place

Looking for validation and acceptance from other people will tear you down and strip you to the bones. If you are in constant worry of whether people like you or not, you are on a pathetic path to eternal weary. If you constantly go out of your way to make people love you or accept [...]